NASN State Data Coordinator Description

NASN State Date Coordinator

  • The state NASN data coordinator is appointed for [2-4] years.
  • The state NASN data coordinator will:
    • Serve as the data contact between NASN and state affiliate
      • Be familiar with the National School Health Data Set: Every Student Counts! Initiative and tiered programming descriptions.
      • Actively participate in NASN data coordinator activities and webinars
      • Complete end of the year state report and/or other requested reports and information.
    • Serve as the point of contact for state-specific questions related to NASN’s initiatives.
      • This includes answering questions on data elements, data collection (and timeline), presentation of state data, and state laws related to data.
      • Collaborate with the affiliate and other stakeholders in establishing a process to targets all school nurses in the state for participation in data collection, use, and sharing.
      • Coordinate state-wide efforts to promote data skills and coalition-building to improve school nurse data collection, use, and sharing for the purpose of increasing the visibility and understanding of the school nurse role and promoting a culture for evidence-based nursing practice.
      • Develop and collaborate with a committee in order to better reach each school nurse in the state (no matter if they are members of the affiliate or not).