Membership FAQs

Will I be a member of the Illinois Association of School Nurses (IASN) and NASN when I join?
NASN refers to state school nurse organizations as affiliates.  IASN is an affiliate of NASN. The combined membership is referred to as unified membership.

How do I join IASN and NASN?
You can join online with a credit card using the online membership application. You can also join by print mail using other forms of payment and completing the paper application.

How much does it cost to join IASN and NASN?

  • Active and Associate memberships: $146
  • Retired membership: $85.75
  • Student membership: $79.45

What are the benefits of joining IASN/NASN?
Our members say the most important feature of membership is the networking and sharing of best practices with school nurses in Illinois and across the country. Other popular benefits are the subscriptions to The Journal of School Nursing and the NASN School Nurse, the All Member Forum, the free CNE contact hour courses in the NASN Learning Center, the advocacy e-toolkit, and the Sight for Students vision gift certificate program for students. Refer to the complete list of benefits for more detail.

Does NASN accept purchase orders?
Yes. NASN does accept purchase orders. When paying membership dues with a purchase order, print a copy of a membership application and send it to NASN with the purchase order.

What are the different membership categories?
IASN/NASN’s membership categories or classifications are Active, Associate, Retired, and Student. IASN also offers two “state” only membership categories.  Corporate/Business/Professional Organization category and Member at Large category. Refer to Membership Categories for more information.

Is IASN/NASN membership only for registered nurses (RNs)?
No. NASN’s position is that every child deserves a school nurse who is licensed as a registered nurse. However, IASN/NASN does have an associate membership category for nurses having other license types such as LPN or LVN.

Will I be a member of my state or local school nurse organization when I join NASN?
Not always. Depending on where you practice, you will also be a member of your state school nurse organization when you join NASN. NASN refers to state school nurse organizations as affiliates.  The combined membership is referred to as unified membership. However, there is a handful of states that do not have unified membership. In these states, you will be a member of NASN only. Refer to this document for more information.