About Us

Mission / History


“Illinois Association of School Nurses promotes wellness and educational success of school communities by supporting, developing, and advocating for professional school nurse leaders.”


  • To promote comprehensive school health programs.
  • To promote and advance the quality of health education and services in the school community.
  • To improve and maintain standards of preparation for school nurses.
  • To promote and advance the specialty practice of school nursing through continuing education.
  • To encourage membership in and collaboration with related professional organizations.
  • To provide a network of support for school nurses.

History / Information

The IASN was organized in 1957 as a sectional affiliate of the Illinois Education Association (IEA). Changes in the IEA Constitution in 1970 changed IASN’s status to a state affiliate of IEA. Because of the benefits derived by IASN as a result of this affiliation, IASN encourages membership in IEA for all of its members who are eligible, including those who are retired.

The IASN became an affiliate organization of the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) in 1992. After organizational changes happened within INA; IASN became an organizational affiliate of the newly formed state nurse’s association, ANA-Illinois in 2012.

IASN encourages membership in the IL Federation of Teachers if the district teachers belong to IFT.

IASN is unified with the National Association of School Nurses, Inc (NASN). As a unified state with a combined IASN/NASN dues structure, members are entitled to receive all NASN publications, including the “Journal of School Nursing,” in addition to those of IASN. Representation at the national level and low cost professional liability insurance are additional advantages of this dual membership. Membership is Anniversary which means that members can join at any time for one year.