The Value of Membership

  • Network with other School Nurses

    IASN Virtual Member Meetings. Monthly Zoom meetings with IASN leadership that facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and information important to school nurses. Check our calendar of events for details.  Also be sure to like our Facebook page for additional details.

    The All Member Forum on SchoolNurseNet connects all of NASN’s members into one private and professional online community. Each weekday, NASN members receive a summary of discussions from the previous day. Members ask questions, share information or just read what others are saying.

    Annual Conference. IASN hosts a conference each year. The IASN Annual Conference provides the chance for IASN members and conference attendees to hear expert speakers, network with other school nurses, earn continuing education credits and learn best practices, technology and tips. The IASN Annual Conference also offers those companies with school health related products and services the widest possible exposure to school nurses.

  • Stay Current

    IASN Quarterly Newsletters  – IASN keeps members up to date on important issues via our quarterly newsletter.

    IASN/NASN members are kept informed by email of important events and programs at both the state and national level including the IASN annual conference, the NASN annual conference, school nurse day, the biannual school nurse survey, and more. It is important that you maintain a current email address with NASN as that is the email IASN uses to send out our state level newsletters and announcements.

    The Journal of School Nursing (JOSN) is a peer-reviewed journal published in February, April, June, August, October, and December. It features original research articles. NASN members receive a print and online subscription to this journal.

    The NASN School Nurse is the official clinical journal of NASN and is published in January, March, May, July, September, and November. NASN members receive a print and online subscription to this journal.

    The NASN Weekly Digest is NASN’s e-news communication. It is published weekly and contains updates about NASN, its partners, and other school nursing related news items. NASN members are added to the subscription list on a monthly basis.

  • Advance your career and profession


    In partnership with the IASN Foundation, we offer scholarships, grants and a mentorship program to school nurses. To learn more about the programs offered by the IASN Foundation click here.

    IASN Job Board IASN provides school districts with a place to post school nurse vacancies.  This is a great way for members to find their next opportunity.


    The Endowment Education Scholarshipprovides funding annually to one or more qualifying NASN members pursuing post baccalaureate certification or graduate degrees.

    The RN to BSN Education Advancement Scholarshipprovides funding annually to one qualifying NASN member who is pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree.

    Research Grants fund qualifying research projects annually. Eligible projects must include a member of NASN on the research team.

    The Advocacy Education Scholarshipprovides funding annually to one qualifying NASN member participating in an advocacy education program.

    The annual trip to Capitol Hill is attended by NASN Directors representing NASN affiliates. This event is how NASN shares its legislative priorities with the U.S. Congress. Directors receive training and guidance in preparation of this event.

    The NASN Employment Centerprovides a list of jobs posted with NASN and other job boards. It has career resources like tips for resume writing. NASN members receive a list of new jobs in an email every two weeks.