Mentorship Program

School nursing is an exciting and challenging nursing specialty. To assist new school nurses (0-2 years in the field) developing their roles, skills, and satisfaction with their careers, IASN offers a mentoring program. This is a free service offered as a benefit of membership in the organization.

What does the mentorship program consist of?

The Mentoring Program consists of two parts

  • Part 1 – Information Packet
    This packet explains the basics of IASN, tips on how to navigate the specialty of school nursing, priority tasks for each month of the school year, etc.
  • Part 2 – Linking you with Mentor
    IASN will connect the new nurse with an experienced, endorsed school nurse to serve as their mentor for the school year.

The mentor will:

  • Listen to your concerns and frustrations
  • Offer emotional support and encouragement.
  • Answer general questions about school nursing
  • Assist you in locating information and resources about school nursing issues.
  • Assist you in identifying resources and supports within her school/district
  • Assist you in locating appropriate health care resources in the community.
  • Assist you in identifying and utilizing available IASN/NASN supports.
  • Assist you in understanding school nursing issues from a State-wide perspective
  • Introduce you to other IASN members who may be a support to you.

Download the Information Packet

Interested in having a mentor? Download the following documents for more information and application forms to be connected with a mentor.

Interested in serving as a mentor to new school nurses? Download and complete the form below.

The IASN Mentorship Program is offered by the IASN Foundation. Questions concerning becoming a Mentor or Mentee contact