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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Illinois Association of School Nurses promotes ,strengthens, and supports its members in their role as the primary health care professional within the educational community.

I. Strengthen and advance the practice of professional school nursing.

  1. Endorse and promote the core values of NASN and utilize the NASN/ANA Standards of Practice.
  2. Develop and promote educational opportunities.
    1. Offer CNE/CPDU credit at state level offerings/meetings and through online offerings.
    2. Actively seek quality programs that will provide CNE/CPDU credit.
    3. Develop a database of PEL- CSN nurses with expertise in specific subjects.
    4. Promote utilization of NASN educational resources and programs through the listserv and web site.
    5. Collaborate with academic institutions to provide educational resources beyond initial certification for university credit.
    6. Communicate CNE/CPDU offerings from other health-related organizations to members.
  3. Promote and support research in school health which defines and validates the practice of school nursing.
    1. Identify relevant research areas and topics which work toward bridging the gap between evidence based research and school health practice.
    2. Promote IASN and NASN research awards.
    3. Identify and disseminate nursing practice research and funding source.
    4. Encourage publication of research findings.
  4. Encourage membership and active participation in IASN/NASN and related organizations.
    1. Promote recruitment and retention.
    2. Solicit newsletter articles from committees and membership.
    3. Encourage involvement at the state level.
  5. Recognize and promote excellence in school nursing practice with award presentations at state level.
  6. Encourage and promote national certification through The National Board of Certification in School Nursing.
  7. Encourage professional growth by expanding use of technology in practice.

II. Promote healthy school communities through leadership development.

  1. Collaborate with the school nurse consultant at Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).
  2. Address issues proactively and develop collaborative relationships with state and local agencies.
    1. Continue IASN representation on advisory councils to identify school health issues.
    2. Continue to strengthen and maintain a collaborative relationship with state and local agencies (ie: Illinois Department of Public Health/Illinois Department of Health Services).
    3. Continue to strengthen and maintain a collaborative relationship with the ANA-IL, IEA/NA, IFT/AFT, CTU and other health and educational organizations.
    4. Develop and disseminate position statements as significant issues arise.
  3. Promote relationships between PEL-CSN school nurses and other professional nurses practicing in the school setting through state initiatives.
  4. Cultivate relationships with institutions of higher learning to support school nurse certification programs and recognize PEL-CSN’s as a nursing specialty.

III. Promote the profession of school nursing in the public domain.

  1. Advocate: Every student in Illinois has increased access to a PEL-CSN school nurse and appropriate professional school nursing services.
  2. Continue to encourage establishment of PEL-CSN’s as educators and members of the education team.
  3. Encourage school nurses to be visible within their school community.
  4. Educate the public as to the role of and the services available from the school nurse.
  5. Encourage members to interact with their local school boards.
  6. Educate the membership on protocol of effective communication with policy makers.
  7. Educate policy makers on school health issues.
  8. Advocate for legislation pertinent to school nurse practice.
  9. Utilize web-based promotional materials for IASN addressing unique needs throughout the state.

IV. Strengthen the integrity and influence of the Association.

  1. Promote collaborative relationships with the IL Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), IL Association of School Boards IASB), and, IL Principals Association(IPA), IL State Board of Education (ISBE), IL Special Education Legislative Alliance (ISELA), IL Association of Administrators of Special Education (IAASE), and IL Association of School Business Officials (IASBO).
  2. Actively recruit members representing the diversity of the population in Illinois.
  3. Maintain relationship with Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).
  4. Review and update By-Laws and Operating Guidelines.
  5. Maintain fiscal responsibility at state level.
  6. Establish specific annual goals by the Executive Committee.
  7. Increase communication and guidance.
  8. Evaluate annual conference issues.
  9. Review strategic plan annually and revise strategic plan every four years.

Adopted 10-17-08
Revised/Draft 2-12-11
Revised/Draft 7-23-13
Approved, Board of Directors, 10-25-13