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School Health Laws and Administrative Codes

ImageIllinois StatuteLink
Sunscreen on orange background. Plastic bottle of sun protection and white sun-shaped cream.Sun Screen Go
Tired african american teen girl suffer headache doing homework at laptop. Difficult elearningCare of Students with Chronic Health ConditionsGo
Legal advice online, labor law concept, layer or notary working.Recent Legislation Regarding Student Health in SchoolsGo
exams and immunizationsChild and Student Health Examinations and Immunizations Go
Medical Review for Special EdMedical Review for Special Education Services Go
Med AdministrationMedication Administration in Schools Go
vision_and_hearingVision and Hearing Screenings Go
young-boy-dental-examDental Examinations Go
Doctor Optometrist examining teenage girl's eye in doctors officeVision Examinations Go
Religious ExemptionsReligious Exemptions Go
Student recordsIllinois School Student Records ActGo
ConcussionConcussions and Head Injuries Go
Exercising as a ClassExcusals from Physical Education Go
AttendanceMandatory Attendance and Truancy Go
restraintsPhysical Restraints, Time Outs, and Isolated Time Outs Go
schStudent Discipline Go
HomelessEducation for Homeless Children Go
AbuseAbused and Neglected Child Reporting Act Go
School Institute DaysWhat has to be taught on School Institute Days (Chronic Health) Go