NASN Director Description

NASN Director


  • Active member of IASN/NASN for at least five (5) years
  • Must continue to meet criteria for active membership throughout term. c. Minimum of two (2) years as a member of the IASN Board (preferred) or active committee membership/supporting role.
  • Able to commit to attending NASN Board of Directors meetings (2/year) and NASN annual conference during term as director. e. Strongly recommended to attend BOD meeting with outgoing director prior to\assuming position the following Oct (IASN induction) and January (NASN induction).

Term of Office:

  • Elected to serve one term of four (4) years.
  • May not serve more than one consecutive term.


  • Serve in the primary responsibility as the director from Illinois to the NASN Board of Directors.
  • Attend NASN Board of Directors meetings (2/year) and the NASN Annual Meeting, and the summer NASN BOD meeting with outgoing NASN director from IL. Begin attending NASN committee meetings (conference calls) in fall, and orientation meetings (conference calls) prior to NASN induction to BOD.
  • Submit a written report of NASN activities to each IASN Board Meeting
  • Serve as Chairman of the School Nurse of the Year Award Committee and School Nurse Administrator of the Year Award Committee

Refer to IASN Operating Guidelines and Bylaws, and NASN Board of Directors orientation booklet and Board Handbook for specific responsibilities, and procedures.