Leadership Identification Committee Description

Leadership Identification Committee

1. Qualifications
a. Active member of IASN/NASN for at least two (2) years
b. Meet criteria for Active membership throughout term of office
c. Experience as officer and/or committee member at IASN level

2. Term of Office
a. Elected annually (The person receiving the largest number of votes is Chairman)
b. No member shall serve on the committee for more than three (3) consecutive years
c. Serves from June 1 – May 31

3. Duties
a. Name as Chairman the member who received the largest number of votes (Bylaws, Article Xlll). In case of a tie, the Board shall select the Chairman. The incoming Chairmen of the committee shall attend the Fall Board and Annual Membership Meeting.
b. Determine the positions to be filled, and the terms for each office
c. Provide job descriptions (qualifications, term of offices and duties) to interested parties
d. Prepare a slate of candidates prior to the Winter Board Meeting from those consenting to serve, for each of the offices to be filled and for at least four (4) candidates for the Leadership Identification. Nominees for the Take language from page 6 of Bylaws. offices should be rotated geographically as far as is consistent with obtaining the most qualified candidates.
e. Forward the signed consent forms for all candidates to the Executive Secretary.
f. Prepare the ballots, providing spaces for write-in candidates.
g. Distribute ballots to all IASN voting members not later than April 1, using a list provided by the Executive Secretary. Returned ballots shall be received no later April 15.
h. See IASN Operating Guidelines and Bylaws for specific responsibilities, deadlines, procedures, etc.