School Nurse – West Harvey-Dixmoor School District #147

Position Type: Student Services/School Nurse

Location: West Harvey-Dixmoor 147 Administrative Offices (High-Needs School)


Job Summary:

  • Provide healthcare to students and staff
  • Perform health screenings
  • Coordinate referrals to private healthcare providers
  • Serve as liaisons between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school environment

Qualifications: Valid State of Illinois Professional Regulation RN License (SCHOOL NURSE ENDORSEMENT PREFERRED)

Essential Functions:

  1. Developing plans for student care based on assessment, interventions, and identification of outcomes, and the evaluation of care
  2. Serving as consultants with other school professionals, such as food service personnel, physical education teachers, coaches, and counselors
  3. Providing health-related education to students and staff in both individual and group settings
  4. Monitoring immunizations, managing communicable diseases, and assessing the school environment as to prevent injury and ensure safety
  5. Overseeing infection control measures
  6. Actively participating in school safety plans that address school violence, bullying, and emergencies that may occur at school
  7. Overseeing medication administration, health care procedures, and the development of healthcare plans
  8. Overseeing vision, hearing, body mass index, and mental health screening procedures
  9. Making decisions related to the delegation of healthcare tasks as directed by state laws and professional practice guidance
  10. Providing health advice to school educational teams, such as the Committee on Special Education and the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) team
  11. Assisting families with locating outside care and obtaining health insurance
  12. Other duties as assigned

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