Full Time Coordinator of Health Services – Decatur Public School District

LOCATION: Decatur Public School District 61 – Decatur, IL

POSITION: Full-time

TITLE: Coordinator of Health Services  Salary – $86K-100K+

PURPOSE: To provide leadership in the offering of comprehensive school health services which enhance the educational process through the removal of health barriers to learning and by promotion of an optimal level of wellness and environment safety for students and employees.

(The following are the essential fundamentals to include but not limited to the following job duties.)

  1. Administration of Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Board- Employee Agreements applicable to the area of school health services.
  2. Preparation and administration of the School Health Services budget.
  3. Collaborate with the Director of Student Services and Director of Human Resources to recruit and retain school health personnel.
  4. Administration and coordination of a comprehensive school health program including:
    1. Student physical and dental examinations in accordance with state law
    2. Hearing and vision screening of pupils
    3. Emergency care of student injury and sickness
    4. Communicable disease control
    5. First aid procedures
    6. Immunization in accordance with state law
    7. Referral of identified student health concerns
    8. Health record-keeping in accordance with state law
    9. Safe and healthful school environment
    10. Health promotion and support to employees
    11. Provide for the facilities, supplies, and equipment necessary to meet the daily health needs of students
  5. Collect and analyze health related data (immunization records, medical records, incidence of specific disease) and make recommendations to administration based upon data.
  6. Interpret and assure compliance with all local, state, and federal school health laws, rules and regulations.
  7. Submit student health reports and statistics as required to the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Department of Human Services, and Board of Education.
  8. Serve as the Exposure Control Officer.
    1. Respond when there is an exposure incident (refer for medical care for bite, needle stick, etc. and follow up).
    2. Obtain consents for blood work from source of exposure.
    3. Review and update and disseminate the districts “Exposure Control Plan” yearly which is Department of Labor/OSHA mandate.
  9. Conduct in-service training programs for school nurses and other employees.
  10. Provide leadership in interpreting the health program, state law and local regulations regarding health to staff members, parents, and the community.
  11. Monitor the maintenance of cumulative health records for all pupils in accordance with the Illinois School Records, the Illinois Administrative Code and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  12. Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


  1. Registered professional nurse licensed to practice in the State of Illinois with a PEL-CSN (professional licensed educator-credentialed in school nursing).
  2. Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s Degree preferred.
  3. Three years of successful experience as a school nurse.
  4. Skills, knowledge, and abilities
    1. Ability to exert strong leadership in the field of school health services and inspire superior performance in members of her/his staff.
    2. Knowledge of sound public health and school health program.
    3. Ability to make firm decisions in her/his area of responsibility and delegate responsibility to members of her/his staff.
    4. Ability to develop and implement short and long-range school health plans and programs.
    5. Ability to function effectively as a member of the District Leadership Team.
    6. Ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing.
    7. Ability to utilize technologies related to Health Services.

Interested candidates should apply on our website ASAP   https://www.dps61.org/employment

Deadline:  January 10, 2022  or until filled