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IASN Poster Presentations

July 31, 2023

School nurses are doing terrific innovative evidence-based projects, programs, and research on behalf of the better health of students and school communities all across Illinois! Please share your good work with the IASN Community with a Poster Presentation at the IASN Annual Conference.

The IASN Inquiry and Innovation Committee accepts poster presentation submissions. The poster submission deadline is August 31st.
Applicants will be notified of acceptance by September 8th and the final poster in electronic format (preferred) is due by October 1st.

A poster presentation entails developing of a poster and engaging in discussion of the content with viewers. There is a reduced conference fee for accepted presenters. A Best Poster Award with a prize is awarded at the Conference! See Poster Tips below.

Content that is commercial in nature will not be approved.

IASN Poster Presentation Submission Directions
Email the following requirements to Maureen Rabbitte
• Combination Bio and Conflict of Information form – see IASN Call for Posters
• Cover letter to include:
• Title of Presentation and brief description of the project
• Name and credentials of primary presenter
• Address, email address, and contact phone number
• School district and/or organization Names and credentials of co-presenters
• Sponsor or funding source for the project or research (if applicable).

Please make sure that all requirements have been included in your submission email. Contact Maureen Rabbitte with any questions.

Poster Guidelines
Accepted electronic posters will be printed for poster presenters. A poster template is provided for your convenience on the IASN website or you may design your own poster. Posters must be in a file format that can be printed 36” by 48”. Traditional hard copy trifold poster board presentations will also be accepted.

Please see Poster Judging Criteria on the IASN website. Posters will be judged for acceptance and a Best Poster Award will be presented at the Conference.

Feel free to provide viewers with handouts of supplemental materials. Bring business cards if you have them and consider a sign-in sheet for participants to request more information. Dress professionally as if you were making an oral presentation.

Electronic Poster Tips
• Use Power Point to create the poster. You may use the provided template (see IASN website) or design your own poster. Posters need to be formatted to print size of 36” by 48”.
• Include your project title, your name, credentials, and the name of your institution.
• Choose a simple font such as Arial, Helvetica, or Prestige Elite and stick with it. See the poster template for recommendations regarding font size.
• Avoid overuse of outlining and shadowing, it can be distracting. To make something stand out, use a larger font size, bold, or underline instead.
• Keep each panel relatively short and to the point. Consider bulleted phrases instead of full sentences.
• Frame text by putting a box around to help readers focus on a standout point. Be mindful to leave enough white space so as to not visually
overwhelm the viewer.
• Whenever possible, use graphs, charts tables, figures, pictures, or lists instead of text to get your point across. Images need to be high resolution or they appear fuzzy when printed.