School Nurse of the Year

School Nurse of the Year 2018-19

Sophie Frueh, MSN, RN, NCSN, PEL-CSN

  • 32 years nursing experience and 18 years in school nursing
  • 18 years at Barrington High School, Barrington, IL, with the last 13 years in her current role as a PEL-IL nurse, serving 3000 students, grades 9-12 and transition program students
  • Notable achievements:
    • Manages the Transition 18-21 Program – ensuring positive transition experiences and student self-empowerment
    • Assisted with planning and delivery of two H1N1 flu vaccine clinics for community at high school
    • Saved the life of a teacher experiencing a cardiac event in the classroom.
    • Co-coordinator of an annual health fair for students for past 12 years
    • Presented for school staff programs, athletic trainers conference, PTO and  community parent organizations
    • Participates in community groups – Medical Reserve Corps, Simple Acts (meal assistance), Young Hearts for Life (EKG screenings for teens)

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