Part Time LPN, Registered Nurse or School Nurse – Great Lakes Academy Charter School

Location: Great Lakes Academy Charter School
8401 S Saginaw Ave, Chicago, IL 60617

Position: Part-Time, LPN, Registered Nurse or School Nurse

Job Responsibilities:

    1. Administers medication for students with chronic illnesses. Maintains medication storage and documentation.
    2. Meets all legal requirements for the administration of medication and follows all relevant 504 plans.
    3. Treats student injury and illnesses throughout day & week; communicates & coordinates with families regarding such.
    4. Supports all school attendance efforts including chronic absences & chronic tardiness; contacts families, creates & supports attendance plans.
    5. Advises students and their parent/guardians on health issues.
    6. Promotes health-related habits (i.e. hand-washing) at school and nutrition education efforts.
    7. Develops and monitors any necessary health plans for students.
    8. Monitors the school’s COVID-19 care room and conducts any relevant testing/screening related to COVID-19.
    9. Keeps track of student vaccination and health records & coordinate reporting with CPS.

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