Full Time School Nurse – Waukegan School District 60

School District: Waukegan School District 60

  • Glen Flora Elementary
  • Glenwood Elementary
  • Lyon Elementary
  • Oakdale Elementary
  • Washington Elementary

Job Type: Full-Time
Category: School Nurse

  • To serve as a consultant to school personnel on matters involving the health of pupils;
  • Promote an awareness of the health needs of pupils;
  • Provide direct services to children who require immediate medical care;
  • Attempt to prevent the spread of communicable diseases within the school environment;
  • To refer children to appropriate sources for medical diagnosis and treatment;
  • Participate in the formation of policies and procedures for the school health program;
  • Work with various groups that have an interest in the health of public school children;
  • Maintain lines of communication with medical doctors who are treating children who have medical problems and/or special health needs;
  • In-service all staff annually and as needed on Universal Precautions;
  • Be an active participant of Pupil Personnel Staff;
  • Complete a Health History for students having a complete case study evaluation and a Health History Update for students due for their 3-year evaluations;
  • Provide support and guidance to pupils who have chronic and/or serious health problems in order to help the pupils adjust to the school environment;
  • Assume a leadership role in the identification of those students with health needs that interfere with effective learning by uncovering health problems through observation, interviews, and analysis of records;
  • Educate teachers and other school personnel to recognize and report health problems;
  • Hold conferences, formal and informal, with teachers and other school personnel to help them learn to appropriately manage children who have health problems;
  • Serve as a resource person in the area of health education to teachers and other personnel;
  • Teach pupils, directly and indirectly, about personal health procedures and habits;
  • Promote compliance with the laws of the State of Illinois that pertain to physical examinations, immunizations, and other health matters;
  • Make referrals for students who have failed Vision and/or Hearing screening and follow up with parents who need assistance;
  • Scoliosis screening and referral;
  • Maintain health records for each pupil;
  • Make home calls to obtain necessary information, inform parents of health problems, and promote parental cooperation;
  • Survey the school environment for safety hazards and poor sanitary conditions and report undesirable conditions to the principal;
  • Participate in efforts to control communicable diseases;
  • Explain the scope of school health services to new staf

How to applywww.wps60.org
Application Deadline: Until filled