Full Time School Nurse – Intrinsic Public Charter School

Location: Intrinsic Public Charter School Downtown Location: 79 W Monroe, Chicago, IL 60603

Position: Full Time School Nurse for grades 9th-12th (Must have RN credentials)

Application Link: https://intrinsicschools.applytojob.com/apply/he6limyGAz/School-Nurse?referrer=20240523173042LCGIMMQQ92P9PJX2

The Health Service Nurse (HSN) coordinates the school health program including the delivery of services to students and serves as the health resource to staff members in order to enhance health and wellness in the school community. The HSN’s duties are to be performed in accordance with standards of professional school nurse practice, state board of education policies and procedures and the State of Illinois Nurse Practice Act.

Principal Accountabilities
1. The HSN provides and/or delegates to licensed personnel direct healthcare services, such as first aid, illness treatment, and emergency care to students.
2. The HSN prepares health assessments on students for annual evaluations
3. The HSN identifies health problems, makes referrals for diagnosis and treatment, develops educational modifications, provides follow-up and evaluation, and maintains appropriate documentation.
4. The HSN provides counseling and follow-up services to students with disabilities as delineated in the IEP/504.
5. The HSN follows up on homebound students needing related health care services.
6. The HSN provides intervention in times of school crisis, i.e. death, suicide, traumatic events.
7. The HSN initiates, encourages, and participates in health education programs for children.
8. The HSN assists special education children to accept or adjust to their physical, emotional or health limitations.
9. The HSN provides health counseling to parents of special education students, and provides individual and group health counseling to special education students.
10. The HSN develops the medication protocol to safely store, administer, document, and monitor the effectiveness of the medication given at school.
11. The HSN coordinates activities of local schools concerned with communicable disease regulations.
12. The HSN assists with the State and Federal mandated screenings and provides follow-up for deficits in vision, hearing, growth and development, and other physical impairments.

Qualifications for Job:
All qualified applicants should possess at least an Associates Degree in Nursing from an accredited college, or university; a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred. A valid Illinois nursing license and current certification in CPR is a must.

Skills and Abilities:
This potential applicant is expected to develop and administer a comprehensive school health program. Applicants should also possess strong oral, written communication and computer skills.

Experience and Education Required:
Previous pediatric experience is recommended, but not required. The applicant should have experience working with students with culturally diverse backgrounds. An Associates Degree in Nursing paired with a valid Illinois nursing license are the minimum qualifications.