Full Time School Nurse – Midlothian School District #143

Job Title – School Nurse

Position – Full Time

Reports to – Director of Student Services

Required Licenses and Certificates:

• Registered Nurse
• Current Illinois Registered Nurse License
• Current Illinois Professional Educator License with School Nurse PK-Age 21 endorsement
• Current CPR and AED Certification
• Certified to complete Vision and Hearing Screenings (preferred)


• Certified in good health by a licensed physician
• Ability to work cooperatively with others
• Working knowledge of basic office procedures including clerical and record-keeping skills
• Knowledge of childhood diseases, public health issues and the relationship of medical issues and educational adaptations
• Previous experience as a School Nurse or recent experience in a healthcare facility
• Spanish proficiency is preferred


• Provides for health care needs, first aid, illness and emergency care of the students and staff of District 143
• Authorize exclusion and re-admission of students in connection with infectious and contagious diseases
• Arrange on-site programs for students such as: free dental and free vision, etc.
• Research other options for free and/or reduced fee clinics available to the community
• Administers medications in compliance with State regulations and school board policies
• Responsible for providing information on disease prevention with regards to State reporting requirements
• Maintains current cumulative health records for all students
• Coordinates and collaborates with others for vision and hearing screening assessment programs and enters results into vision and hearing annual reports and submits to Illinois Department of Public Health

• Responsible for early detection of physical problems as mandated by State screening regulations and health evaluation
• Conducts any required head lice/nit inspections and communicates with parents regarding district policy
• Assists school personnel in maintaining sanitary standards in schools
• Reports to parents, school personnel, physicians, clinics and other agencies on school medical matters
• Completes School Immunization Survey and Student Health Data Report/Survey and/or any applicable reports on the IWAS system or as deemed necessary by district administration of required by the State
• Compiles a listing of students not in compliance with physicals and immunizations and provides parent contact for notice
• Coordinates the completion, filing and necessary notice requirements from the School District Health History form provided for all students/parents at registration
• Completes and coordinates all record-keeping requirements for the authorized and permissible dispersal of medication to students
• Provides appropriate health counseling/recommendations for parents and school personnel
• Accurately orders and maintains the medical supply inventory for the buildings
• Assists with verification of selected student health plans (i.e. diabetes, asthma, food allergies, etc.)
• Verifies AED machines are up to date and compliant with State regulations and completes monthly AED status checks
• Communicates with Special Education department members regarding student medical information and screening results. Provides information for 504 plan meetings or IEP meetings
• Assists with plans and protocols during a pandemic
• As requested by the district: provides additional education and assistance with training on such topics as CPR/First-Aid, preventative care (hand-washing, vaccination, nutrition, developmental education) and safety within the school setting
• Works with the Director of Student Services to maximize Medicaid reimbursement
• Coordinates health screenings for staff
• Performs other reasonable tasks and requests as may be assigned by the administration and Board of Education

Current Illinois Professional Educator License with School Nurse PK-Age 21 endorsement

Current CPR and AED Certification

Certified to complete Vision and Hearing Screenings (Preferred)

Candidates should apply at: www.msd143.com