Full Time Registered Nurse – Community High School District #113

School District: Community High School District #113

Location: District level position (Highland Park & Deerfield High Schools)

Job Type: Full Time( 12 months (260 days))

Category: RN

Description: The Director of Health Services supervises the school health program and staff which meets the current needs and identifies future needs of all students, including special populations, the school, and the community.

How to apply: include a link if appropriate District 113 HR job openings contact Dr. Tiffany Rowe 224-765-1019 or Trowe@dist11.org

Application Deadline: Open until filled

Qualifications – 

    • Required:  holds a valid Professional Educator license endorsed in school nursing with a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Preferred:  qualified to evaluate licensed staff in Illinois
    • CPR & AED Trainer
    • Hearing and Vision Certified

Responsibilities – 

      • Oversees and participates in local comprehensive health planning (immunization clinics, blood drives, flu vaccination programs)
      • Oversees the maintenance and procedures of health records
      • Provides Communicable Disease reports to the Department of Public Health and alerts school administration of health trends and problems.
      • Ensures compliance and documentation of all State reporting (i.e. immunizations, dental, hearing/ vision exams)
      • Oversees and reviews implementation of emergency care procedures and the reporting of accidents for students and staff under the jurisdiction of the school
      • Respond and assists with medically related tasks (i.e. district stock medication orders, maintaining AEDs) and emergencies in their assigned building(s)
      • Administers compliance with physical and immunization regulations including coordination of communication and follow-up with students who are not in compliance
      • Is the liaison between school, student, parent, and physician regarding the student’s health status when under a physician’s care
      • Oversees and conducts vision screenings, making the necessary referrals for follow-up when indicated under a physician’s care.  Connects families to available resources
      • Oversees the review and revision, of the objectives, standards, policies, and operating procedures of the health office and the total school health program for approval by the administration
      • Provides leadership in healthcare-related matters on the problem-solving team and makes educational adaptations as necessary for individual student needs.
      • Supervises the process and implementation of health care plans, medication management, medical 504 plans, and individual care plans (diabetes, seizures, asthma) to ensure consistency across the district
      • Develops procedures for health services student information within student information system
      • Coordinates, conducts, and maintains records of mandated training for health care office staff
      • Coordinates, conducts, and maintains records of mandated training for school staff who work with students with unique medical needs
      • Seek and facilitate opportunities and partnerships with community agencies that benefit the health and wellness of students and staff
      • Serves as summer school/ ESY nurse-
        • Conducts health assessments for summer special education eligibility/ IEP meetings
        • Creates Health Plans for summer school students
        • Trains the staff in the ESY program for health and safety concerns (Seizures, DM, ect)
      • Coordinates with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services on policies related to health services
      • Supervises and coordinates scheduling and services of 1:1 nurses of students with chronic health conditions
      • Serves as the leader of the Concussion Oversight Committee
      • Oversees health services training and professional development to staff based on individual student’s medical plans
      • Ensures and coordinates staff training/ professional development in accordance with mandated training
      • Coordinates training, planning, and the hiring of staff related to Diabetes Care Act and Seizure Smart School Act and other medical related legislation applying to schools
      • Oversees the process for the evaluation of health and development component of the case study and IEP/504 process
      • Conducts and provides an annual review, analysis, and report of district health data to the administration
      • Manages and plans the annual budget for the school health program, making recommendations for facilities, equipment, and supplies
      • Provides ongoing communication to the Director for Student Services and the student services administration team on best practices regarding the health and wellness of students
      • Manages the respiratory protection program for the health office
      • Provides or coordinates sub-coverage for building nurses
      • Manages AED maintenance (battery and pad replacement)
      • Provides CPR and AED  training as needed (i.e. athletics and security)