Camp Nurse (RN or MD) – Camp Kupugani

For Camp Nurse at a Multicultural Residential Summer Camp with separate girls-only, boys-only, and blended sessions for children.
Ages 7 – 15!
June 25 – August 5, 2023 (for 1-6 weeks during that period)

Camp Kupugani is a multicultural residential summer camp focusing on diversity and
communication skills in a fun atmosphere. We unite children of diverse backgrounds, and
provide them with essential skills to empower themselves and build community in an
increasingly diverse society. Children from ages seven to fifteen participate in a two-, four- or
six-week session of our unique summer camp. While typical summer camps are relatively
homogeneous and do not challenge campers to stray from their comfort zones, ours focuses on
addressing issues of difference and on building self-esteem and community. The children enjoy a
fun, challenging camp experience, including activities like rock climbing, river walking,
canoeing, playing under waterfalls, and night hikes under the stars, and special team building
activities and games so that fun and personal growth coincide.

We are looking for a dynamic, warm, exuberant, experienced person who is passionate about our vision. The Camp Nurse will participate in an orientation with a camp director, followed by our multicultural residential summer camp program in Leaf River, IL (less than two hours west of Chicago).

Responsibilities include:
– Stocking First Aid supplies in the Health Center and all areas of camp and controlling their
– Safeguarding the campers’ prescription medications
– Administering the medications at the prescribed dosages and hours
– Completing insurance forms
– Supervising and maintaining the Center’s housekeeping standard. If necessary, a staff member
can be provided to assist in the housekeeping of the Health Center.
– The Camp Nurse can expect the Camp administration to provide whatever necessary
equipment and supplies may be needed for the nurse and the Health Center.
– The Camp Nurse is expected to be present at the registration of the camp session to check in
and file the incoming health forms, record individual problems and note medications.
– Nursing care consists of evaluating and treating campers’ minor injuries and illnesses; keeping
a log of Health Center visits; giving supportive advice to counselors and other camp staff, if
requested; and identifying health problems serious enough to require a physician’s attention.

– The Camp Nurse must be licensed, and be currently registered, or have reciprocity, to practice in
the state of Illinois.
– The Camp Nurse should relate well to groups of young people and enjoy outdoor activity, fresh air, and beautiful scenery!
– Experience and temperament should have prepared the nurse to function independently and accept the responsibility of the camp health care program.

The preferred compensation is, for each two weeks’ nurse service, to offer a full tuition waiver
exchange ($2695 value) for a child ages 7-15 whom the nurse would like to have at camp.
Alternatively, pay is $1200 per two-week session, from June 25 – July 8 (blended camp), July 9 –
July 22 (blended camp), or July 23 – August 5 (girls camp); it is also possible to do a one-week stay
as nurse. Room and Board is provided, plus Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and liability
insurance. It is strongly recommended that the Camp Nurse also retain personal Medical Malpractice insurance. The Nurse is provided private quarters in the camp’s newest building, the Health Center. (If space is available, and the nurse wishes to have an additional child attend, we will regard the application giving some due consideration of camper tuition against salary. Need-based scholarship assistance is also available (to all campers).)

A beautiful summer home Nestled within 120 acres of lush forests, Camp Kupugani multicultural summer camp resides at beautiful Camp White Eagle alongside the Leaf River in northwestern Illinois. A mere two-hour drive from Chicago, this intimate setting makes for an ideal environment to develop life-skills, meet new friends and enjoy an active outdoor environment. The Camp comprises nature’s finest, including woods, trails, a swimming pool, rock climbing walls, game fields, and a 5-acre lake for swimming, a waterfall, water games, and almost a mile of canoeing through the property. Since 1951, Camp White Eagle: certified by the American Camping association, has provided for children a secure summer camp environment that encourages the discovery of self and a sense of wonder in the natural world.

The Camp Kupugani Mission:
“Kupugani” is a Zulu concept meaning “to raise oneself up.” The fundamental point of Camp
Kupugani is—in a residential camp setting—to expose children of varied backgrounds and ethnicities to each other. Living, playing, and working together are the best teachers of instilling bonds of friendship and trust. They represent an important step towards breaking down societal barriers that prevent positive interaction. Camp Kupugani provides a safe atmosphere where children are individually empowered via enhancing their communication skills and engaging in community building. By way of carefully selected program activities, we bestow upon them the tools to maximize their potential, free of the sometimes-limiting restrictions of school and predisposed social  patterns. At Camp Kupugani, kids have fun while changing their world.

The pay in terms of dollars is comparable to that of most area summer camps, and must be
considered in addition to many benefits which this job offers – such as room and board, and most
importantly, a wonderful experience working with children and youth; a beautiful, healthy
working environment; opportunities for play and regeneration; and a supportive, harmonious
atmosphere. The campers and staff are typically respectful, well behaved and balanced and
generally come from loving homes. Aside from the nursing duties, the Camp Nurse is welcome to
participate in all facets of the camp program—or relax and enjoy camp when off duty.

I. Administer and Direct Camp Health Care Program
Provide health care for campers and staff
– Daily medications
– Attention to routine needs
– Response in accident or emergency

II. Check and supply all camp First Aid kits:
– Kitchen
– Vehicles
– Pool
– Rock Climbing

III. Present safety and health rules to staff during orientation and/or distribute as necessary
Work with staff on registration days (and before camp if needed) to check in health forms
and campers’ meds — screen and assess

IV. Speak to campers at opening orientation each session.

V. Control medications
– Use labeled brown envelopes to pass Rx meds at prescribed times – related to meal times.
– Collect med envelopes after each meal (in box in dining hall) for re-use during campers’

VI. Keep administrators advised of major or incipient health or behavior problems

VII. Maintain regular clinic hours for campers’ treatment

VIII. Maintain Health Center
– Clean
– Stock linens, paper towels, bathroom tissue, paper cups, etc.
– Bag used bedding for laundry (camp will launder)
– Keep beds ready for emergencies
– Stock First Aid supplies and monitor outflow
– Report maintenance needs

IX. Be available for emergency care

X. Participate in camp life!

There is direct communication to lines in and out of the camp; ambulance services on call within
10 minutes; physician on call 24 hours per day; major hospital within 25 minutes

– Ensure each camper has on file a health history and examination form, as required
– Set up system for health screening for arriving campers
– Set up a system for responding to special dietary requirements and coordinate with the
Food Service Supervisor
– Conduct inventory of supplies and place orders when necessary, ensuring timely arrival
of supplies
– Establish and follow appropriate medical routines including record keeping in the daily
medical log, disposal of medical waste, managing and safeguarding medications, and utilizing approved standing orders
– Coordinate coverage of the health center
– Post hours for daily medications and health call
– Make appointments, when necessary, with medical/dental personnel in the community, secure transportation for such appointments (with camp administration)
– Check and issue and keep First aid kits appropriately stocked
– Keep accident/incident reports that can be used for risk management assessment
– Prepare a summary and evaluating of the camp season including inventories, and make
recommendations for the following season
– Monitor/evaluate camp procedures, facilities, and conditions and suggest modifications that would create more healthful conditions in the camp
– These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

– Ability, certification to drive to doctor or emergency treatment locations
– Ability to read prescriptions and health exams from physicians
– Physical ability to get to remote locations on camp quickly
– Oral and Audio ability to use phone and emergency communication devices
– Ability to observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp

For more information, feel free to visit our website at, e-mail Kevin
Gordon at or call Kevin at 815-713-4110.

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