IASN Foundation Achievement Award

Deadline: Midnight September 1

The IASN Foundation is honored to offer the Achievement Awards to support the school health community.

The IASN Foundation promotes school nurses involvement in professional activities.  To honor professional achievements, the IASN Foundation offers two $150 award annually to IASN members.  These awards recognize achievements that impact school nursing or the health of children/youth.  Achievements can consist of things such as: writing an article for publication in a professional journal, conducting a quality improvement project, developing and implementing a school program, developing and implementing a school based project, accomplishing a special project for IASN, first time oral presentation at the NASN conference.

The achievement must have been completed within 24 months of the application deadline.

To Apply:

  • Complete the application form  (attached)
  • Write 1 to 2 pages explaining the achievement including a description of the achievement, outcome of the project/activity, and how achievement contributes to school nursing. 
  • Use 1 inch margins, double spacing, minimum of 12 point font when writing about the project.
  • E-mail the application form as an attachment and written pages explaining the achievement to:  IASNFoundation.contact@gmail.com