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There are seven membership classifications for IASN.

  • An Active member is an IL Registered Professional Nurse (RN) who holds a Professional Educator license with an endorsement in School Nursing; is employed directly by an IL public or private school or Education Service Region or is a Coordinator or faculty member of a School Nurse Certificate Program.
  • An Associate member is one who does not meet all the criteria for Active membership but is an IL RN.
  • A Retired member is one who has retired from school nursing but wishes to maintain membership in IASN.
  • A Student member is one who is either an IL RN serving a School Nurse Internship; or is enrolled in a  school nurse certificate program; or is enrolled in a BSN program.
  • A Corporate/Business/Professional Organization membership is for the purpose of those organizations who desire to support the goals of IASN.
  • A Member at Large is an individual who holds a special interest or is working with IASN and does not fit into any other corporate membership classification.

Please click on the  link below to the NASN website and follow instructions to join.  All membership is completed through NASN and they notify IASN of new members monthly.  Then, new members are added to the listserve and as members on the IASN website.

Anniversary Membership
The individual membership year is the anniversary month in which dues are paid. Dues include membership in IASN and NASN.

2018-19 unified dues FOR IASN/NASN:

  • Active and Associate memberships: $146
  • Retired membership: $85.75
  • Student membership: $79.45

The membership form is available at the NASN web site.

Dues are inclusive for National (NASN) and State (IASN), and are made payable to the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).

When a member joins, you are on the the NASN/IASN  School Nurse NetList Serve and registered on this web site.  Only current IASN members will remain registered. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing of your registration to use the NASN/IASN List Serve and IASN Website.