Registered Nurse / Educational Assistant – Full-time

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Note to school districts and to nurse applicants: Nurse positions that require school nurse certification, properly referred to as a Professional Educator License, endorsed in school nursing, must meet the requirements in Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/21B-25) regarding salary and benefits. As stated in the school code, If the position requires certification, the employee who is a “holder of such an endorsement is entitled to all of the rights and privileges granted holders of any other Professional Educator License, including teacher benefits, compensation, and working conditions.” If a certified school RN is hired for a position that required or preferred certification, the RN is entitled to placement on the teacher contract.      
The LaGrange Area Department of Special Education Published: February 4, 2020
Riverside, Illinois
Job Type


Job Title: Registered Nurse / Educational Assistant – Full-time

Location: Riverside Brookfield High School - Riverside, IL

Full time positions available to assist medically fragile students.

  • One to one RN to assist a medically fragile student. This could include seizure management with emergency medication, g tube feedings, and respiratory needs requiring suctioning with or without a tracheotomy. RN may be assigned to a student within a Multi-Needs classroom, working within a team of teacher, paraeducators, OT/PT and speech pathologist, OR the RN may be assigned to a student in a general education class. RNs will also act as an educational support for the student throughout classroom lessons.
  • Classroom RN working in a Multi-Needs classroom, available to assist with medications, emergency plans for all students. RN will also act as an educational support within the classroom.

Registered Nurse
Willingness to obtain an Illinois Educator License endorsed for paraprofessional educator
CPR and First Aid certification
Previous pediatric and adolescent experience preferred
English/Spanish speaking a strong consideration

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