Registered Nurse – Cary Community School District 26

The registered nurse assists in the delivery of the health services program and runs the health office under the delegation and direction of the certified school nurse(s). This individual is under the general supervision of the Director of Special Services, Principals and Certified School Nurse(s).

Education and/or Experience:
1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from an approved school of nursing
2. Registered nurse with current Illinois licensure
3. Current CPR card
4. Hearing & Vision Screening certification preferred

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Deliver school health services under the supervision of the certified school nurse(s). Duties as assigned.

With guidance from Certified School Nurse(s), and use of the District 26 Health Manual, assist with following activities:
1. Requires part-time commitment to fulfill responsibilities of this position – a minimum 30 hour work week, on student attendance days plus additional days as approved by the Principal and Superintendent or assigned at the beginning of the school year.
2. Develop a written health concerns list for appropriate school personnel annually
3. Ascertain that state law is complied with in reference to physical examinations, dental examinations, eye examinations and immunization documentation
4. Maintain adequate health records on all students. Maintain an up-to-date emergency information card system annually and continuously during the school year
5. Assist with the various screening programs in the district
6. Compile all required records and state reports annually, and submit to the Administrator or Certified School Nurse
7. Make necessary physical and developmental assessments of students, interpreting needs to parents, teachers and school personnel
8. Refer identified health needs to appropriate agencies, acting as liaison person with parent/guardian, physician, and community service organizations as well as other outside health care provider agencies. Assist in the remediation of, or adjustment to, physical and/or emotional deficits
9. Provide clerical support to the school office
10. May be asked to participate in Pupil Personnel Service Committee activities
11. Will, as requested, obtain health and developmental histories on students, observe in classroom and as needed
12. Do case finding by following up on absentees, and providing health education for students, parents, and teachers when contagious illnesses are involved. Weekly reporting of absences, or as frequently as required by the McHenry County Health Department (MCDH)
13. Following the guidelines of IDPH and District 26 Health Manual Practices, administer and supervise first aid and medical emergency care for all students and school personnel
14. Monitor all students on medical and document effects/status. Supervise medication administration according to District policy
15. Assume responsibility for all specific nursing care measures as may be required; supervise the self-care regime of any physically handicapped student (temporary or chronic conditions)
16. Provide counseling and health education resource materials to students and teachers, and to parents when needed
17. Work with administration, teachers, other school personnel, and parents to provide for a safe and hygienic school environment
18. Maintain and be responsible for all equipment and supplies related to building health services program
19. Work with School Nurse(s) regarding unusual cases or circumstances (example: reportable communicable diseases in class 1 and 2)
20. Any other duties as assigned

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