Full Time School Nurse – Brookwood 167

School District: Brookwood 167

Location: Glenwood, IL

Job Type: Full time

Category: School Nurse

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1. All school nurses are Registered Nurses in the state of Illinois and have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

2. A Type 73 certification as defined by the Illinois State Teachers Certification Board.

3. School nurses also hold certification in audiometric and vision screening.

4. Hold current CPR and AED certification.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Provides Direct Services to students
    • Providing services including first aid, care for ill students and emergency care to students and staff.
    • Identifying and managing students’ health concerns so they are ready to learn.
    • Assisting students in accessing health care.
    • Administering and monitoring effectiveness of medications given at school.
    • Maintains daily log of all children seen for health related problems.  
    • Provide for the safety and security of any and all students should a dangerous situation arise.
  • District Responsibilities
    • Maintaining compliance as required by the Illinois School Code and Illinois Department of Public Health for physical examination and immunization records.
    • Maintaining compliance as required by the Illinois School Code and Illinois Department of Public Health for hearing and vision screenings.
    • Assists in identifying and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect.
    • Monitoring monthly attendance districtwide for excessive absences due to illness.
    • Acts as the liaison to collect monthly health and office visit data from the district school nurse offices in the district.  The data will be given to the Director of Special Student Services.
    • Providing school staff with current information about students’ health concerns and care on a confidential need-to-know basis.
    • Participating as a member of the faculty on district committees.
    • Maintaining communication with Director of Student Special Services and administrators to maintain the health and safety of students.
    • Maintaining confidentiality regarding all school and health-related issues.
    • Supports the school district’s total student services program.
    • Seeks and participates in professional development to enhance continual professional growth through on-going staff development meetings and attending meetings/training relative to job role as directed by Director of Student Special Services.
    • Will provide a weekly update of activities including but not limited to, immunizations, physicals, any communications with parents, special education reports, office visit data, updated allergy list and students with medications.
  • Student Education
    • Providing health education in the classroom.
    • Providing students with learning opportunities that promote individual and community health.
    • Plans and facilitates required health in-services such as CPR and First Aid.
  • Community
    • Identifying resources and information about services in the community.
    • Participating in health related community activities.
    • Acts as liaison between the school, the home, private physicians, health and social agencies, and other community resources to assure appropriate utilization of all available resources for student health needs, including but not limited to, Mobile Dentist and Mobile Clinic.
  • Special Education
    • Participating as a member of the multidisciplinary team that identifies, evaluates and places students in special education programs.
    • Completing and presenting health histories as part of case study evaluations.
    • Writing health components of the Individual Education Plan.
    • Recommending modifications in the school program for students who require accommodations because of health concerns.
    • Developing and maintaining healthcare plans for students who need special nursing interventions during the school day.
    • Participating with other staff in assessing writing and implementing behavior plans.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Student Special Services and/or Superintendent.