Full Time Health Services Director – Burbank School District 111

HEALTH SERVICES DIRECTOR at Burbank School District 111

School District – Burbank School District 111

Location – Burbank, IL 60459

Job Type – Full Time

Category – PEL – Certified School Nurse

Description – Under the direction of the Superintendent, and Student Services, the Health Services Director plans, coordinates and administers the Health programs in the school district for the evaluation, improvement and protection of the health of pupils and staff in accordance with District policies, state and federal laws. The incumbent must participate in health related 504 and Individual Educational Program (IEP) meetings for the assessment and placement of Special Education students.


  • Provides school health and nursing services to students; conducts, supervises and coordinates mandated health screening for vision and hearing.
  • Coordinates and ensures immunization compliance as required by Illinois state criteria.
  • Compiles school health reports and statistical information upon request of the school district, county, and state administrators; organizes and records all student health data as required by the District and state.
  • Works cooperatively with health advisory groups such as parent/faculty organizations, pupil and staff groups, school administrators and health-oriented agencies.
  • Performs related case management including appropriate referral, follow-up and interagency networking for students identified as needing additional health evaluation and/or health care; interprets health status to student, parents, and appropriate school personnel.
  • Oversees the administration of medications; develops procedures for specialized physical health care services and provides related training and supervision of involved personnel.
  • Participates in health-related Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings for the assessment and educational placement of Special Education students, including 504 assessments; develops and implements individualized nursing care procedures as necessary.
  • Consults and counsels with students, parents, school personnel, and health care providers for developing solutions regarding student health issues such as chronic disease conditions, communicable disease, control, child abuse, substance abuse, mental health, and other problems and concerns.
  • Coordinates site health services within the general operation of the district; plans and implements effective communication and public relations with the school community.
  • Provides appropriate and required health related training for school staff; trains and supervises health aides and trains special education instructional assistants regarding specified duties in health services; participates in policy/protocol development and review that affects health services.
  • Notifies all appropriate staff members of those students whose records indicate significant health or physical problems which may affect performance in class or which may require emergency treatment.
  • Monitors the well-being of students and personnel in schools through prevention, control, and management of communicative disease.
  • Performs record keeping and reporting that pertains to student services and related nursing tasks according to current practices.
  • Prepares for review, reports for assigned school(s), District, and county and state agencies.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all health procedures regarding student health.
  • Travels to various school sites to perform a variety of nursing duties.
  • Conducts in-service training for school staff as needed.

How to apply – Please send resume to Pamela Lindemann – mailto:plindemann@bsd111.org, or apply online at:  Burbank School District 111 – Health Services Director (tedk12.com)

Application Deadline – Open until filled.

Qualifications – PEL w/CSN licensure or CSN Licensure Candidate needing clinical hours.

Responsibilities – See Job Description