Full Time Certified School Nurse – Brookwood School District

School District: Brookwood School District

Location: Glenwood, IL

Job Type: Full Time

Category: Certified School Nurse

Description: Position available for the 2021-2022 School Year. Nurse would be assisting with IEPs/504s while also acting as district nurse and heading the health services department for the entire school

How to applyhttps://www.maximhealthcare.com/careers/663775

Application Deadline: Open, until filled


·   Current nursing license for the state in which the nurse practices

·   Professional Educator License per state/client requirement

·   Current PPD or Chest X-Ray

·   Current BLS card

·   Considerable knowledge of medical disorders and treatment.

·   Considerable knowledge of child growth and development.

·   Working knowledge of public health problems and procedures for treatment in coordination with other health and social service agencies.

·   Working knowledge of Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations affecting the delivery of school health services.

·   Ability to effectively elicit/provide information to and from appropriate individuals (including, but not limited to, supervisors, co-workers, clients) via strong communication skills.


·   Conducts Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting plans as needed.

·   Promotes healthy practices and nursing services to the students so they will be successful in general education classes

·   Provides professional nursing services as defined by your State Professional Practices Nursing

·   Coordinates services with other special services personnel within the school to support students in school to learn

·   Communicates with School Administrators, teachers and other staff members about students with specific health problems using the HIPAA and federal laws.

·   Follows the school’s district policies for health, emergency care, accidents, drug abuse and bullying

·   Notifies school Administers, local health department, parents and staff about confirmed communicable diseases within your school. Follow school districts policy concerning this

·   Conducts and writes the necessary legal reports for the IEP meeting. Including assessment planning, Health History or Medical Review for the student

·   Writes student’s IEP goals related to student’s health condition that is impacting student’s learning in school

·   Follows state laws concerning Asthma, Food Allergies, use of an Epi-Pen use and Medication laws providing documentation per your school district policy

·   Completes and files school and state reports regarding screenings, immunizations, physicals, etc

·   Charts pertinent information on student’s health file

·   Develops policies, procedures and work standards for school health program

·   Monitors compliance of school health program with federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies

·   Prepares health reports for supervisor, board of education and the health department

·   Negotiates professional and medical services essential to the school health program

·   Provides first aid care and medically prescribed services

·   Maintains security of school health supplies and medication in school setting

·   Serves as a resource person on health issues

·   Provides staff development on health-related topics for school staff and volunteers

·   Screens and conducts health appraisals for students and staff

·   Provides follow-up evaluations on students as required

·   Recommends corrective action where problems are identified

·   Corresponds with parents on health needs of children

·   Records immunizations, health findings, and other relevant health data

·   Ability to identify abnormal growth and development, symptoms of disease and discuss with parents

·   Ability to coordinate and facilitate services between the school, local health agency, and other community resources

·   Ability to develop and maintain health records on students