Full Time Certified School Nurse – CUSD 200

School District:  CUSD 200

Location:  Wheaton IL

Job Type: Full Time

Category: Certified School Nurse

Description:  We are a dynamic unified school district with students aged 3-22 at 20 different schools.  As a division all school nurses, staff nurses and health aides work together to bring the highest quality of care to our students.  We are looking for a Certified School Nurse (PEL endorsement) either part or full time.  Please contact Sue Vasko 630-784-7329 or email me at suzanne.vasko@cusd200.org with any questions.

How to apply:  The application is on the CUSD200 website  https://www.applitrack.com/cusd200/OnlineApp/default.aspx

Qualifications: Certified School Nurse-PEL