Full Time and Substitute Positions – SASED

School District – SASED (Special Education Cooperative)

Location – Lisle, IL

Job Type – Full time and substitute positions

Category – LPN, Registered Nurse, School Nurse, One on One RN

Description – School Nurse in a variety of programs at SASED

How to apply –  http://www.generalasp.com/sased/onlineapp/default.aspx

Application Deadline – 7/6/2021

Qualifications –

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
  2. Illinois Registered Professional Nurse from the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation with CPR certification.
  3. Registered Type 73 Pupil Personnel Certificate from the State of Illinois.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Secure required physical and dental examination and immunization records for all students.  Keep all health records up to date.
  1. Arrange, supervise and follow up on all physical assessment programs including, but not limited to, vision & hearing screening, scoliosis screening and physical examinations when provided by the SASED Multi-Needs Program.
  2. Prepare comprehensive health histories and pertinent medical reports.
  3. Participate in interdisciplinary staffings and team meetings as requested.
  4. Prepare emergency health care plans for all students who need them and train classroom teams on the implementation of such plans.
  5. Secure any specialized equipment necessary to maintain the general health of all students.  Train staff on the use and maintenance of specialized equipment.
  6. Participate in the development of policies and procedures for the prevention and control of communicable diseases in conformity with Illinois State law.
  7. Plan for, administer and/or supervise the administration of any health related procedures (i.e. medication distribution, gastrostomy tube care, etc.) necessary for a student to participate in the school program.
  8. Participate in the development of policies and procedures for providing emergency care for illness and/or injury occurring while students and staff are under the jurisdiction of the school program.
  9. Observe school environments and evaluate safety procedures in order to alert appropriate school personnel to correct hazardous conditions or procedures.
  10. Collaborate with classroom teams in the identification, documentation and reporting of any student who may have been abused and/or neglected according to the Illinois Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.
  11. Provide in-service training programs for staff, students and/or families on appropriate health topics stressing the prevention of disease and promotion of wellness in all activities.
  12. Act as a liaison between school, student, parent, physical and/or community agencies regarding the health status of student’s in the program.
  13. Assist in the hiring, training, supervising & evaluating of Multi-Needs Program Medical/Teacher Assistants.
  14. Assist families and staff in securing available health & community resources.
  15. Compile and maintain a file of current health education materials for students and staff.
  16. Participate in the formulation, evaluation and periodic review and revision of objectives, standards, policies and functions of school nursing services and the total school health program.
  17. Alert program administrator of legal provisions and health trends as they pertain to school health policies and procedures.
  18. Participate in activities of professional nursing, health and educational organizations and pursue on an on-going basis educational studies to maintain and improve the professional level of performance.