Full or Part Time 1:1 Registered Professional Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse – TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804

District: TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804

Location: Highland Park, IL

Job Type: Full or Part-Time

Category: 1:1 Registered Professional Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Job Description:
The 1:1 Registered Professional Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) supports the TrueNorth mission and is committed to the possibilities in every learner, every day.  The Nurse strives to achieve this vision to be a national leader and highly valued partner with a courageous commitment to inclusive communities that equally value all people and inspire them to be active participants in our world.

The 1:1 Registered Professional Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse is responsible for the health care needs of student(s) to whom the one-to-one nurse is assigned.  The one-to-one nurse may, at times, be required to ride school transportation with the student and accompany the student and parent/guardian to visits with the doctor and/or other healthcare professionals.  The one-to-one nurse will educate the school team, as necessary, regarding the specific health care issues affecting the student in the school and community environment.  The one-to-one nurse will provide additional information, as requested, to the Certified School Nurse to determine whether the health care needs of the student may affect his/her educational programming.

Core Competencies:

    • Proficient communication skills
    • Effective collaborative problem-solving ability
    • Engages in continuous professional improvement
    • Has job specific skills required to meet essential job functions

Essential Job Functions:

  • Care for students’ healthcare needs as specified in students’ individual health care plans and emergency care plans as well as physician orders for medications and treatments
  • Have knowledge/documentation of students’ current and past health history information
  • Communicate pertinent health information to educational team members on a need to know basis
  • If traveling to and from school with the student, the nurse must be on time at the home to receive information necessary to provide continuity of care from home to school and allow time to provide pertinent information to the receiving caregiver upon return from school
  • Maintain professional and accurate written and verbal communication regarding health care needs between home and school
  • Responsible for documentation via daily nursing notes
  • Maintain proper training for lifting and transferring students
  • Maintain supplies and have a system for securing all student health care items and educational materials used throughout the school day
  • Responsible, under the guidance and supervision of the Certified School Nurse and professional educational team members, for implementing components of the student’s IEP as directed
  • For all health  related questions and/or concerns, consult with the Certified School Nurse
  • For all educational related questions and/or concerns, consult with the appropriate professional educational team member
  • Perform assigned classroom activities when the one-to-one student is absent


  • Valid Registered Professional Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse License in accordance with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • Practice within the RN Scope of Practice or LPN Scope of Practice
  • Certification in first aid and CPR/AED

Reports to :
Certified School Nurse, Administrator of Assigned Program, and Classroom Teacher

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Application Deadline: Until Filled