Certified School Nurse – Cary School District 26

Reports: Director of Special Services and The Building Principal                             

Supervises: N/A

Position Summary:

The Certified School Nurse is responsible for assessing the health needs of students; developing emergency care plans and individual health plans incorporating input from parent and/or physician; complying with the laws relating to student health, including parental and guardian consent; providing appropriate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured students; providing health information and serving as a resource to teachers, staff and administrators; and identifying health problems for referral for proper treatment.


  • Professional Educator’s License with a School Nurse Endorsement
  • Certified in CPR
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to travel within the district buildings as necessary

Responsibilities Include:

  • Comply with all state rules and regulations, Board of Education policy, and administrative procedures
  • Administers first aid, medication and specialized medical treatments for the purpose of providing appropriate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured children in Accordance with State laws and District policies
  • Assesses situations involving students’ safety, abuse (physical, sexual, drug, etc.) and other health related issues for the purpose of identifying problems, referring for proper treatment and complying with legal requirements.
  • Comply with all of the requirements regarding reports, record keeping, etc. in a timely manner
  • Complete all of the District’s requirements regarding procedures for referred students
  • Maintain and be accountable for equipment and inventory, including safety issues and proper working order
  • Communicates results of evaluations and reports of student’s health needs to the educational staff, parents, students, and, when appropriate, other agencies concerned with the students
  • Attend IEP, department and other meetings as assigned or requested
  • Facilitate in-service education and professional development as requested
  • Provide consultation to the staff regarding student needs, professional needs, and classroom/building needs in order to achieve targeted goals and objectives
  • Utilizes local, state, and federal resources/services to benefit student.
  • Provide reassessment of students, focusing on areas of needs, at intervals determined to be educationally relevant
  • Proficiently implement technology to enhance and provide access to students’ instructional programs, communicate, collect and analyze data, and compile reports.
  • Provides services at multiple work sites for the purpose of providing direct therapy interventions and assistance as required
  • Establishes and maintains a positive and safe therapeutic or educational environment for students
  • Communicate the needs of student health services to the appropriate administrator(s)
  • Review self-performance and seeks appropriate guidance and consultation
  • Remain abreast of professional developments in field
  • Perform other duties as assigned by building and/or district administration


This is a school year 2021-2022 position.  Salary and benefits are established by the Board of Education and the Cary Education Association.

Apply Here: http://www.generalasp.com/mchenry/onlineapp/jobpostings/view.asp?district=690&category=Student+Support+Services