2 School Nurse Positions – Rich Township School District 227

TITLE: School Nurse

QUALIFICATIONS: A valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Illinois and completion of Baccalaureate in Nursing degree or a Master’s degree from an accredited institution. A minimum of two years child health, community health, or other relevant clinical nursing experience; completion of an orientation program based on the requirements for delivery of school health services as defined by the Department of Public Health; current certification in C.P.R. and first aid from a recognized provider.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal or designee

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: The School Nurse shall be evaluated consistent with the evaluation procedure collectively bargained between the Board of Education of School District 227 and Rich Township High School Education Association.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: The School Nurse shall provide the fullest possible educational opportunity for each student by minimizing absence due to illness and be creating a climate of health and
well-being. The School Nurse in conjunction with the Principal shall develop annual job goals that will become part of the criteria used to evaluate the Nurse.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Nurse shall:
1. Be familiar with and keep the administration informed of appropriate school health guidelines and regulations;
2. Assist in the prevention and control of illness including communicable disease and other infections;
3. As required, report immunization levels and other school health related matters to the appropriate local and state authorities;
4. Act as liaison between school, home, and community agencies in improving the health of school children;
5. Participate, as necessary, in the modification of the school program to meet the special health needs of children;
6. Give TB skin tests as required;
7. Assist in the development and maintenance of a healthful school;
8. Check injuries and disease conditions at school and home visits, and keep the principal appropriately informed;
9. Monitor students with physical disabilities that may have medical needs;
10. Compile and use health records, reports and statistical information to include:
a. State reports on screening and handicapped;
b. Individual student health records; and
c. Reports to concerned agencies and health authorities
(e.g., District administration, guidance, etc.).
11. Prepare and submit reports as required by the administration;
12. Administer medications in compliance with physician orders and/or instructions; and
13. Conduct other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Principal.

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