1:1 Classroom Nurse – Kirk School

Position Type: Educational Support Staff/Nurse

Location: Kirk School


Report to: Case Manager/NSSEO Supervisor

  • Provides direct nursing services to students as ordered by the medical care provider.
  • Implements health care plans.
  • Participates in student’s educational programming throughout the school day under direction of the case manager.
  • Ensures medical equipment and supplies function appropriate and notify parent and supervisor or faulty or low stock equipment and supplies.
  • Demonstrates cooperation, openness for growth and willingness to contribute to a team approach to the educational program.
  • Participates in general staff meetings, training programs, and in-service sessions as required.
  • Communicates effectively with case manager, school nurse, and family/guardian regarding health information as necessary.
  • Documents pertinent health information and facilitating accommodations as required to meet the medical needs of the student.



  • Valid license as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse
  • Ability to travel within NSSEO and move about NSSEO and programs as necessary.
  • Current Adult and Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and AED certification.
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate in English to understand directions and communicate with students and staff.
  • Ability to physically move about the building.
  • Ability to lift and position students.
  • Ability to participate in NSSEO approved behavior management procedures, and apply training in crisis situations including physical management of students.
  • Computer literacy and competency in use of existing technology.
  • Ability to make minor decisions with minimal supervision in accordance with established procedures.



  • Acts as a positive role model for students.
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding work with special needs students.
  • Assists classroom staff with all required paperwork, organization of classroom, and supervision of students when available.
  • Support NSSEO policy, NSSEO and governing board and objectives, and The School Code of Illinois.
  • Assume other duties and projects as assigned.

FLSA: Non-Exempt
Salary Range: NSSEA-ESP Lane V

Apply Here: https://www.applitrack.com/nsseo/onlineapp/_application.aspx?posJobCodes=932&posFirstChoice=Educational%20Support%20Staff&posSpecialty=Nurse